Jack Welcomes guests Lori Glibert & Daniel Tuttle to the show to discuss a change that your mind & soul are seeking. You can find them both at Lori Gilbert @lorigilbertart and her website and Daniel Tuttle at @theprovocativeintuitive and his website

Back at it! New show, new studio, new mindset!! Lets get it!! We are all at home with so much on our minds. Lets learn something and come out strong!

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Chief Medical Correspondent at ABC Good Morning America, joins us to talk about the release of her new book “The Self-Care Solution”. Join us!

Final show of the year!! Jack, Laura, and Thomas reflect on the year and offer positive thoughts for 2020!

Jack Welcomes author Tom Avitabile to the show today to discuss his books Give Us This Day, The Eighth Day, The Hammer of God, and The God Particle. Plus some other great topics!

Jack welcomes Kabbalistic Astrologer Rachel Schwartz to the show for a fun discussion on true Astrology and its origins! Please join us!\

Jack welcomes Attorney Lauren Rudick to the show for a fantastic discussion on CBD and a few of the laws around the industry.Lauren is the co-founder of Hiller, PC’s Cannabis Law practice area. What started as a passion project in patient rights during a brief residency in California, Lauren has become one of the nation’s preeminent attorneys servicing medical Cannabis industry players in the Green Rush.

Jack shows us what the size of the earth actually looks like from 6 billion miles away on his video, then talks about the meaning of creating a positive environment on this tiny spec of dust we call home.

Daniel Tuttle the Provocative Intuitive joins the show today! We get into everything spiritual, manifestation, and healing today!

Celebrity matchmaker Amy Laurent joins the show today with tips to a healthier relationship. We add some fun to the show as well! Listen in!

Dr. Anna Yusim joins the show today to discuss how she integrates Spirituality into her Psychiatry practice, and give insights from her best selling book “Fulfilled”.

Join us as we welcome back Sarah Yardeni!! She leads us on a group meditation as well as answers questions that many of us have about bringing more joy and positivity into our life!

Relationships in business or personal relationships can make or break a lot of arrangements. Do them correctly and you can soar!

Have FUN!!! Wherever you are in life bring fun to it!! We should always be in a fantastic state of mind no matter where we are in life both physical and mentally!! Listen in!

You are greater than everything you have imagined that you were!

Jack & Laura talk about tools for investing. How to and the keys to ask for financing!

We are not lost so we shouldn’t use the phrase “I need to find myself”. We just need to create our self!

Jack welcomes Carly Vollrath of Loren Leather to talk about her amazing custom leather goods. Listen and order! www.facebook.com/lorenleather

Jack & Laura Fredricks offer you the 10 best topics for your 90 second pitch!

Your voice should be heard in the office space! As long as your tone is in the right place, all things will be good 🙂

Racism is rhampet in this country. My thoughts about it on todays show.

Why do we always have to broadcast our problems to the world? Who have we become? Listen in to get the full context. See you again on July 16!!

For every idea or vision that you have there is always someone hating you or your idea. CRUSH them with your dream and be SHAMELESS in your pursuit!

Jack & Laura tackle workplace challenges. Women seem to struggle with the ceiling to this day. Tune in!

Non Profits and how they work, and what you should do to start one. Jack & Laura dive in!

Be you!! The world will adjust. Plus concert prices and more!

“Religion”. It causes love, hate, wars, strife, and so much chaos. I get into religion a little on the show. I hope you tune in.

Jack and Laura talk about devotion to our jobs and relationships. Check it out!

Have you ever been rejected? I got a crazy letter today. Check out the show!

How you mind your money is how it minds you! Jack & Laura talk about controlling your cash flow.

We feed our mind, body, and spirit the best of things but what about our body. We are the most luxurious vehicle on the planet and we put the worst fuel into it!

Sometimes we need to just get away to find our true self and to heal past traumas. We can try to find the solution on our own, but if we can’t mayber pro help is what is needed. Tune in!

Are we good in our life to be able to receive the things we meditate, pray for, and try to manifest in our life? And social media lurkers!

Laura shares a story about how an uncomfortable situation with family can be avoided simply by “Asking” a question. Defuse!

Be Authentic! What does that truly mean? It’s become the cliche’ catch phrase.

Spring is in full swing!! Don’t just clean your house, clean your life! In all things clean!!

We set intentions for our daily personal life, lets do that with our business!

Life mastery is a journey with yourself. You are the captain of your own ship.

Be the light in any room! Just be you!

Jack & Laura discuss the need of absolute determination to succeed in any business venture.

We are taught a hereditary way to act as kids and it shapes who we are today. Change it up. Break the chains of the rules that we learned back then. Inspire your kids!

Jack & Thomas…with Darcel talk about imperfections and how we aare never perfect! Strive to be your best in all situations. Fun show.

Jack & Laura continue this weeks theme on empowerment. This time its about who you can bring into your business as a partner and how to stop the naysayers!

Jack helps you to discover self personal empowerment! How empowering others is the first step to an enriched life.

Some days you need to get out and walk alone. You need time to recharge, clear your head, or simply to just enjoy life.

Jack & Laura discuss different strategies that you should implement into your start-up or existing business.

Jack talks about the phrase “You’re too old, or You’re too young”. Get out and change that statement. Do anything you want without regard to age!

Jack & Laura talk about reinventing yourself or your brand. Try to find and define your why for what you do and create the best of you!

Rachel Braun Scherl joins the show today! They talk about her number one best seller Orgasmic Leadership, female entrepreneur’s, and more!

Laura joins the show to talk about paying for education the right and wrong way. Jack gets into clickfunnels and which one is for you as an entrepreneur.

Let the haters hate and just be you! Happy Purim!

Need a better relaxing routine for your day? Jack offers a few tips that he uses daily in the hopes that they may help you too!

Today Jack & Laura Fredricks talk about being an entrepreneur and what it takes. How to use your website for business while using social media for what it really is!

Today Jack & Laura Fredricks talk about your opening pitch. Having belief in your new business, and going for it!

If we take care of everyone first we can experience excessive burnout! Self care should always be a priority!

Those Aren’t Your People! To much suffering because we let others control our lives! Stop it!

Former Notre Dame Women’s Basketball champion, 8 overall WNBA draft pick, and Team USA gold medalist Natalie Novosel joins Jack to discuss basketball. speaking tours, and World Financial Group!

Masks. Pain. We all have experienced emotional or physical pain that we felt to hide with a mask. Jack gives some thoughts on this issue that is growing in or world today.

Awaken. It is that spark deep inside you that wants you to go deep inside yourself and find you. And to find true happiness. Jack opens this to help guide you there!

We listen to our friends, family, and co-workers. But none of us are perfect. Always remember that.

Living in a fog!! As we shift we feel out of sorts right before change happens in our life. Push through it and remain truly positive!!

Welcome back Laura! We get into everything on todays show and catch up!! Valentines Day spending topics!

Don’t lose yourself while trying to please someone else in any regard! Jack, Dawn, and Thomas tackle this issue!

Save your money! If your a young adult or teen plan ahead! This show is definitely for you!!

Jack is back from Hawaii and New York to share his definition of the “Sum of the 5” people you need to surround yourself with!

Jack & Laura discuss how you can end the year and prepare for the next by aligning tasks the right way.

An in-depth look at Kabbalah with Sarah Yardeni of the NYC Kabbalah Center. Included in this fantastic interview is a Theta Healing session! Enjoy!

We have to have everything right now!! Likes, Views, Iphones, Cars, TV’s, and even a person. STOP!! Work for it. Savour it. Go after experiences instead of stuff.

Jack and Dawn continue his A Real Minute topic of fear. Describing each type of fear and how we react to each.

Jack recaps the Brand #You Conference with event organizer Jasmine Sandler of JSM Media Group. Fantastic event!!

Jack, Dawn, & Laura discuss being happy all the time….not just during the holidays. It can spill over and make life better!!

Jack & Laura talk about authenticity, being real, and navigating a life that throws obstacles in front of you!

Sprittual Progression with Jack McAdoo & Dawn Schale

Spiritual Progression and how it can run amuck is what we dive into on todays show. Using the laws of attraction and understanding its meaning can be confusing and misunderstood. Learn the difference!

Going Home with Jack McAdoo

Today I went away from the regular show format to talk about my journey home to Hawaii. It was a healing experience for me and hopefully, the story here can help you as well.

Laura Fredericks

Jack & Dawn interview the incredibly gifted author of The Ask, Laura Fredericks. She covers everything you need to know how to ASK and get what you are seeking when you ASK. She discusses her biggest ask and what made her the leading authority on the subject of asking. Enjoy!


Jack & Dawn discuss a change that is happening in the 45-65-year-old age group. We are able to see the universe bring back couples, friends, and associates after so many years apart and to see the changes coming in real time.

Jack & Dawn discusses a change that is happening in the 45-65-year-old age group. We are able to see the universe bring back couples, friends, and associates after so many years apart and to see the changes coming in real time.

Our interview with personal trainer Damian Lozano

Jack & Dawn interview Damian Lonzano of ProtoType Fitness. He explains the benefits of KETO and the true description of the diet, as well as what it takes to get fit & cut in the gym. Enjoy!

All about the lessons, we learn in love!

Jack & Dawn dive deep into the lessons we learn in and out of love. What makes a relationship work, and what destroys it! Check this out.


Jack & Dawn explore the self art of healing. We all need to learn from our lessons in every experience and begin the healing process. In relationships, friends, and everyday life that has caused us some form of pain, we need to heal.

Alpha Woman

Jack & Dawn get into loving yourself, relationships, and the Alpha Female. Men should open the doors and be the man. Respect the individuality of the strong woman and the whole relationship.

Becoming Fearless!

Our show dives in to finding your creative side and becoming fearless in everything we do. Learn to live life without fear requires going inside yourself and making life changes. Listen in!

Set Boundaries!!

We all have limits. We can either allow others to cross lines, push buttons or ignite triggers. Learn to put a stop to it and also become at ease with your own.

Click edit button to change this textAccepting!

How to accept everything around you can be overwhelming but understand and learn that it all has a purpose and plan for your today. Plus a little fun mixed into this show!


First, we welcome Laura Fredricks as a guest host to the show! Jack, Dawn, & Laura dive into the question of How in everything we do. How we should have the correct mindset in all we do!

Change Makes Everything Happen!?

Jack gets deep about change! Changes in the way you act, think, and believe. Learn how to dig deep when you set that goal for your business, relationship, and family. Listen, and make the change!! It’s One Road!

Introducing Guest Host Laura Fredricks!

Jack & Laura talk about Laura’s upcoming boot camp and get into a few traits of an entrepreneur!!!

We talked about how women in business need to prioritize their time to be more successful – including taking time for you!!! Join the conversation.

Jack & Dawn get into listening. Not only just being there, but being in the conversation with compassion. It doesn’t matter what type of convo, be present with compassion!

Jack & Laura share how you can manage your time this summer so that you can have an amazing fall full of perfect time maintenance! Plus Laura introduces a few of the guest speakers at her bootcamp this fall!

Jack is back! Broadcasting from Real Talk Live’s new studios, he gets into what we need to do for growth, success, and now serving another. Tune in!

Jack & Dawn are back!! They jump right into the freedom of self and others. Caring for neighbors. Growth!! And liberating yourself in life! Tune in!

Jack talks about being grateful for everything you have. Never be anyone else or even try to be anyone else but you!Tune in!

Jack & Laura go over last weeks speaking engagement at Morgan Stanley in NYC and strategies to success! Also some sports!Tune in!

Our Current Show

Jack & Dawn talk about dressing to be you, not for looking like some else’s definition of success! Be you!!

Jack & Dawn get into the heart of social media platforms and how they benefit, and hurt us!

Jack tackles obstacles! How they enter our lives and what we can to to get rid of them daily. Its about enjoying your best life!

Jack talks about feeding your mind! What are some of the things you can do to give yourself some time? Listen in! Also a great interview with Marketing Expert & #Brand You Conference host Jasmine Sandler.

Jack & Dawn discuss how it is to suffer from being real while those who are fake receive love. Our society has changed.

Relationships with Jack McAdoo & Dawn Schale

Relationships and what they teach us is what we dive into on todays show. Sometimes we are attracted to what we lack in ourselves and it can become explosive! We talk about fear in life today, State of the Union, and even duck lip selfies!

Explore what social media is doing to us, and how we need to elevate ourselves and live more freely. Jack McAdoo & Dawn Schale dive into this and other topics in this current episode. We need to become aware of what is Real. We need to become conscious of everything we are and what is around us. This helps us to control our emotions and to become elevated and truly real with ourself and set off vibrations of peace & love. We include some politics, sports, and attitudes for your enjoyment!

4 Agreements of Consciousness with Jack McAdoo & Dawn Schale
The 4 Agreements teach us what we have become because of programing at an early age. We need to become aware of what is Real. We need to become conscious of everything we are and what is around us. This helps us to control our emotions and to become elevated and truly real with ourself and set off vibrations of peace & love. We include some politics, road rage, & nail salon attitudes for your enjoyment!

Manifesting, we all have the power to manifest what we want in life. I’m not talking about the Alladin or Santa Claus effect but simple act of attraction and positivity. We talk about how social media can be a poison to your daily life. and ruin relationships of all kinds. Dawn talks about helping a client find their way back to love & light. Listen in now!

Be Yourself with Jack McAdoo & Dawn Schale

We are so caught up today with who we need to look like & be like to someone else. We put up an image of ourself on social media and begin to live a different self instead of being our true self. And there is more. Listen in now!

Heart Formulation with Jack McAdoo & Dawn Schale

Heart Formulation is what we dive into on todays show. Sometimes we need to step up in all matters of our heart and defend it!