Everyone wants to feel good. Also and adequately, feel safe. The means, however, that humans reach for to provide these things can have adverse affects. This is about the biggest culprits.

Stubbornness and denial. The self sabotaging duo. Embraced with such passion but destructive above and beyond. People can be stubborn as the day is long on a mission with a vengeance. They’ll react to a wealth of wisdom as if it’s poison. Like, how dare you go to them with something that will improve, enhance and escalate their life. You can hear them screaming, “don’t you understand, I LIKE it here!” I’m not at peace or truly happy but it’s comfortable, I’m down with this space. Funny but not really. Such a defense has been built, nothing can penetrate. Here’s the thing – love doesn’t need to defend. Love is what humans thrive from – it’s their sweet spot, their power. It’s peace, confidence. So where love is free to reign and dominate, it also contains freedom bearing truth which doesn’t have hyper radar or a beeping antenna. There’s no ‘reaction’, need to flair, defend or ignore.

Work arounds and stand ins are used in lieu of getting to the bottom of it. That’s where it all lies – at the bottom. In the heart. Stored in a seemingly neatly tucked away place but yet keeps seeping out the sides like a bad piece of rubbermaid. Because what has resided in the heart cannot be ignored forever – it will find it’s way out. Sometimes the fear is so great, they’ll twist what others say, can’t sustain a position or will spin nuggets of wisdom to sound bad to obstruct hitting their bulls eye. And that’s just what it is – bull headedness. Ego centricity instead of Heart electricity. All of the fight, denial and stubbornness is ripping one’s self off of real love, real joy and real freedom. It’s no skin off the nose of the resource or person who’s sharing truth.

Pride is the driver of the stubborn and denial brothers and wasted time the wonderful destination. When a person has lived a certain way for so long the interruption of all of this can be terrifying but also humiliating. Because after all of the societal norm conditioning you’ve been subjected to, you’re “supposed to be at a certain place by now”. It’s understandable but it eventually becomes incomprehensible especially when patterns are repeated then covered with every blanket of excuse that’s tattered and filled with holes. What’s scarier is going around and around and around believing you’re actually making ground. A person knows though. You know the truth deep down but are hangin’ in until that last bell rings. The match is over and you know it but the temporal pain required to walk through to transformation appears far worse than remaining the same. Something is going to win and the favored contender is the Love within you. The question is, will you let it?

The core root issue that people refuse to deal with is the very thing that contains their greatest breakthrough to freedom waiting on the other side. But negotiation relents. You try to make deals with every other method under the sun except with the glaring authentic one. The harder a person refuses to surrender to heart-based growth is indicative to the size of the issue that’s hiding in it. It can’t hide forever and it hasn’t. Two tell tale signs are first, needing to convince yourself of the same thing over and over and over again and second, to everyone else.

When something has been protected for so long – it takes courage to push aside that tattered dragged around security blanket. It’s been a part of your life for so long that another way of believing and being is scary. It’s necessary, however, to possess more power and personal success in your life.

Anything that does not produce and provide you with happiness, love, joy, peace, clarity and contentment, is hogwash. 100% pure grade A bunk. Simple as that.

The worst atrocity is to deny one’s self the truth. Authentic safety is found within the honesty, willingness and expansion of your Heart. The willingness to face a matter, heal it if necessary and deal with them. As cliché as it is, it’s not going to kill you and it will make you stronger. The temporary space of pain is worth all of the abundant gain.

Give yourself the gift of truth. Do whatever it takes to get to the other side. Drop the story, abandon the excuse, stop buying in to one more self sabotaging pitch. Give the duo the heave ho.

Your greatest asset is time and it surely doesn’t wait but freedom, peace and dream realization is anticipating your glorious arrival!

always, with much love ~ ❤