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1110, 2015

Ignorance has never yielded bliss ~

Everyone wants to feel good. Also and adequately, feel safe. The means, however, that humans reach for to provide these things can have adverse affects. This is about the biggest culprits. Stubbornness and denial. The self sabotaging duo. Embraced with such passion but destructive above and beyond. People can be stubborn as the day is long on a mission with a vengeance. [...]

1110, 2015

Insecurity is the bitch, NOT the Woman

I think I’ve had this conversation burning within me forever. It’s a sensitive subject with a lot of self- preserving and defensive rhetoric surrounding it. It’s with compassion and honesty I share this as I’m all too familiar with having walked through a fair share of it into young adult years. Society, however, seems to be resigning more and more to it [...]

1110, 2015

Treasure or Trash

A pretty catchy title I found fitting. It’s an analogy of which you’ll find. The past year and a half in particular I’ve been tossing all of this around in my heart and mind as per personal experiences and also what I’ve observed with others. This sort of behavior is nothing new really, we’ve all experienced this throughout life but I started [...]

910, 2015

Created for Connection

The movie Collateral Beauty is released today. I’m excited to see something as this hit the big screen and with a favorite actor, Will Smith. I coined the phrase several years ago, “Life is People” from a space of a heart feeling person 24/7 utterly sold out to human intimate connection. Has not always popular, but me and true none the less. [...]


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