I wanted to write about the word, HEALING. To share the healthy idea that it’s for every human being alive and that as a society the stigma needs to be detached from it.

There’s a misnomer and negative perception of this word, healing.  The many perceptions and reactions to it are interesting and curious.  It’s as the idea resides that healing is reserved for the rejected, deeming people broken losers, misfits unworthy or of little value compared to ‘others’. That the healing process is exclusively for those that don’t have their act together.  As if many people do in fact have all of this human experience and the things life throws at them, together.  I personally, have been through a lot of healing and until the end I will always embrace the ability to feel, process and grow.  In actuality, this word or idea of healing strikes a chord of the image people work so hard to keep up needing others to see them without faults or flaws. This idea is what’s really ‘broken’ because there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t needed healing nor needed to process the events of life expected and unexpected and often.  Really, those that react and resist it the most need healing the most.  If you have a Heart, you need healing and regularly. It’s just that simple and is amazing liberatin news.

Every person, no matter who, needs some sort of healing.  It’s a gift and opportunity the human constitution has set in place in conjunction with the Divine.  Healing is cleansing, it’s processing, a movement of the emotions into constant clarity and not reserved for a defined few.  It’s the healthy process from all that has ailed you inwardly and outwardly. Past, present and future.  It’s a regular function of the ever growing and evolving system that when ignored causes havoc in every area of life.

Healing is a sequential necessity in the experience of life of which no one is exempt.  Cleansing and healing keeps you current, relevant and emotionally available to respond to the present instead of reacting out of historic stories. It’s a process and function of the heart that sustains your emotional faculties.  Healing is just the ability to feel and process discerning why, how and where things belong and fit.  Life is full of disappointment, failure, lack, loss, death and trauma that happens to everyone as well as happiness, joy and pleasure.

The main functionality of life is understanding and knowing HOW to handle whatever comes your way. The HOW is your emotional constitution – your Heart, the operating system of your well being. Most people understand the concept of process but are yet more skilled at pushing emotions down, emotional bypass or not allowing themselves to feel something to the depth it’s needed or it’s end extent. No one for certain indefinitely escapes healing. It’s not if but when the chance is given to feel and allow the process. Because believe me if you think you’re special, have a handle on it or are mentally mastering it all is just the place it becomes the most glaring.  A significant clue is when you’re experiencing sudden conflict with several people as most likely your emotional material is rising to the surface.

There’s a lot of smiling people walking around like ticking time bombs marinating in repressed anger, sadness and the like waiting for the right situation to trigger and set them off.  Profession, image and monetary gain doesn’t have the power to hide it or save one’s self from it’s reckoning. People all over are projecting all over each other.  The word drama has become common place and if people learn their own process and how to do so, there would be a lot less of it.

Real power isn’t found in how to dodge healing or working around process with spiritual mantras, positive thinking or adapted philosophy.  Emotional bypass is weakness, process is real power. To feel is a birth right that has long been neglected and glazed over with every distraction and substance possible.

A “toxic” heart is likened to a clogged septic or sewer.  It frankly, stinks. It’s a person who says no to process having backed up issues eventually seeping out of every situation.  They want to behave unbecomingly or any which way under the self preserved ‘reason’ of “not being perfect”. Then manipulation ensues, and head trippin’, it gets ugly and people suffer.

It’s truly not hard or rocket science to respect, love and honor people… but to the wounded, they expect concessions that are beyond the bounds of one off mistakes or human error.  Confrontation is traumatizing, communication daunting and the clearing process confusing.  Woundedness means emotional obstruction. Wholeness doesn’t mean ‘perfect’ it just means the constitution, willingness and patience to see a matter or issue through to resolve personally, professionally, socially and relationally which benefits all involved eventuating in peace.

Human living is a continual process of learning who you are, how you process and why. It’s a constant realizing and claiming your place and space in this experience of just how relevant and significant you are.  Tilling the soil, becoming rich in emotional stability rising to the greatest version of yourself.  You can’t have growth without a little pain and people are notorious for wanting to avoid yet another bad word, PAIN, at all costs.  There has never been a general idea in culture to learn how to feel, live from the heart and process pain and a healing process.

People naturally desire and want all kinds of things and of course is related to what will yield happiness and bring them joy.  Clarity of heart and mind within one’s self that attracts and creates it. If anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and so on is held on to it becomes the mechanism by which all things are perceived and experienced. You want something badly but these emotional buried obstacles are obstructing it. When emotional material is neglected, it’s vented and acted out in unbecoming reactionary ways. It’s likened to having a stomach virus. You get sick and temporarily feel better until the next time you have to again. It’s a momentary fix to the infection that needs total complete healing.  A person doesn’t have to have a bad childhood or early years of trauma to have things trapped. Joy is the human natural state and birthright and if you’re not experiencing this daily, on a regular basis, there is most likely emotional constructs in the way.

Healing is the natural process of life in which when you encounter circumstances and situations you’re able to clear them before they fester, develop mindsets and clouds perception. It clears the way, expands the heart space and energy with your body to create what you want and manifest your goals and dreams. A healthy feeling heart enables you to relate to others at an optimum emotionally flowing level. Keeping your heart free of debris and clutter makes room for MORE. It enlarges your space of freedom to freely give, freely receive, freely be and experience all that you were created and designed to.

As long as every single human dwells in this body living on this earth, possessing a healthy system of healing is necessary and there is nothing but personal freedom and every good thing surrounding it. Healing is just a way of living whole with the acceptance and knowledge that you’re not perfect but have been given this source and security to embrace and rely on for getting through and growing towards the next phases and chapters in life.

You have a Heart, a Soul and a Spirit that is ever speaking, leading and showing you the best way, best answer and best life and the feeling process is the vehicle to getting there.

Healing isn’t a practice you do.

Healing isn’t an alternative method you turn to.

Healing is a process that keeps your Soul alive.

Healing is the natural path of your Heart that within an imperfect world you can thrive.

always, with love ❤

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