The movie Collateral Beauty is released today. I’m excited to see something as this hit the big screen and with a favorite actor, Will Smith.

I coined the phrase several years ago, “Life is People” from a space of a heart feeling person 24/7 utterly sold out to human intimate connection. Has not always popular, but me and true none the less. I’ve not know how to be anything else, and why would I want to be. When I was 25 a co-worker said to me, “don’t you know you wear your heart on your sleeve”? as if first, it was a bad thing and second, I better stop before anyone else finds out. Well, I’ve been doing me full throttle ever since and have no intention of turning back now. Life has been far from easy and this year’s Christmas season isn’t the best ever, but I have learned how to keep moving through abysmal dark times, to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that the light eventually shines and takes over. This light comes through via my connection with myself from belief and knowing and with others.

Aren’t we all connected? In concept, theory/paper and we’re physically together but not face to face, eye to eye and in the heart to heart reality we’re supposed to be. I sound serious right, or intense… perhaps too much, too sensitive, too this or that ?? LOL. You’re damn right. Our society, culture and how we relate to each other needs this and could use a good overdose and “binge” on that beyond what it’s currently pre-occupied with Netflix, hulu and whatever. A couple months ago I witnessed the nation mourn the loss of television characters that were bludgeoned to death on a show that was already morbid to begin with. So much so, global news channels covered this profound loss. Talk shows analyzed it for a week as if these fake tv character were close friends or family members trying to lend comfort to the grieving. As if that wasn’t enough, the villain who performed the horrendous act with a morphed baseball bat type weapon is considered “hilarious”, “witty” and now the actor who plays this sicko is perceived to be “hot”, desired by thousands of women. Many said – “it’s not the actions or the gruesomeness, it’s the characters we love”. Are WE connected?

There’s a reason why during holiday season the suicide rate sadly increases, people experience depression and are looking forward to it all being over and done with. There is a significant amount of people that also experience that holiday bliss and what television depicts with the glamorous glimmering lights, décor and fanfare. Then there’s people in the middle somewhere. For many, however, it’s not the case. It’s a time that people are reflecting upon connections from the past. Connections of the present. New connections. The process of recent broken connections. Reflections of family, friends, partners loved and lost kinds of connections. Life is people.

All of it, every bit and inch of it surrounds the need and desire for… CONNECTION. Connection that people want, desire and are starved for but yet eludes them. The identification, this closeness that people feel – the intimacy that binge viewers are after, the connection people have shifted to television actors is meant to be lived out in real life… with real people… with each other. Often. Regularly. Big Love-Ly.

There are many reasons people get together. As off as it is, they connect because of a co-worker or boss they collectively dislike. The two people may not like each other but find some alliance in disliking a particular person. People connect to just be busy out and about but really don’t share much beyond the activity they participate in. People connect just for the sake of it and to fill space and a void that another isn’t supposed to fill. Women stay with men and vice versa to have a sense of connection and belonging because they’re avoiding a space that needs healing, filling or whatever other thing they’re avoiding, dodging or running from but in the end isn’t authentic heart to heart connection. I venture to say a lot of relationships are in this state of occupying space and time but not really fulfilling the purpose filled intention for relationship. A relationship with eye contact, acknowledgement, having meaningful conversation without a back story running through the mind beckoning to be returned to. Presence instead of presents.

As much as one can love their own self, be secure and content in who they are, humans were created for connection and to need it as a normal dynamic of life. Not just merely getting together to go to a game, go shopping or to the beach and those are fun things to do. Real connection and on a level that translates support, having one’s back at an emotional and spiritual level where people feel welcomed, accepted and full outside of their own world. Connection where the sometimes disillusionment of life closes in, disappointment feels overwhelming and just life seems too hard but that person/people have a way of making you feel like the most relevant and important person in the world that wouldn’t be the same without you and encourages you to the next level. Certainly, personal accountability, alignment and fulfillment is of course paramount to connecting with others and sustaining healthy relationships but those healthy connections and relationships are just as important. Resonance on a heart and soul level that communicates you’re known, identified and are moved. Moved to a higher more joyful state.

The target, nail, home run, victory, win… is found in your own HEART. Then it’s discovered, developed and forged with others. Perhaps during all of the favorite tv shows and indoor activities this winter, carve some time out to snuggle up with a cup’a hot something and continue to discover the amazement, satisfaction and fall into the thrill of YOU.

Life is People. You’re one. You’re awesome. People want to connect with that.

~ much love ♥